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The National Development and Reform Commission to respond to the hot issues of e

June 06,2017      views

May 18, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference to issue macro-economic performance and respond to hot issues. The National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Meng said that as of now, steel, coal to capacity to complete the annual task of 63.4% and 46% respectively, to capacity work has made a good start.

To produce positive results to show

This year is the deepening of the structural reform of the supply side, and also the year of the production capacity. In accordance with the established goal, this year, China will reduce steel production capacity of about 50 million tons, exit coal production capacity of more than 150 million tons.

"This year, the steel coal production capacity of the proposed pressure reduction and withdrawal has been fully implemented to the relevant enterprises, equipment and mining occurrences, to the production capacity of the work has been a good start." Meng said that at present, this year, the national total withdrawal of steel production capacity of 31.7 million tons, the completion of the annual task of 63.4%, a total of 68.97 million tons of coal production capacity to complete the annual task of 46%.

She says steel goes to capacity data excluding illegal "steel" capacity. For "Steel", the regions have basically completed the inspection work, to find out the capacity has been discontinued. The supervision is being strengthened to ensure a complete ban on "steel" before June 30.

Meng said that with the continuous development of iron and steel coal production capacity, positive results are gradually emerging, mainly reflected in 4 aspects:

The benefit of enterprises is obviously improved. In the first quarter of this year, the Steel industry association profits from a loss of 8.75 billion yuan a year ago to 23.28 billion yuan profit.

--Wages and social security arrears reduced. By the end of March, the cumulative arrears of coal mines in Shanxi province fell by 58.4% over the end of 2016;

--Industrial structure optimization and upgrading. High-quality production capacity in the industry to promote the role of further play.

The market competition order improves. Through the implementation of the elimination of backward, illegal construction project clean-up and joint enforcement of 3 special actions to further create the survival of the fittest market environment.

For media questions about "how to look at the phenomenon of productivity growth on one side, Meng said that the amount of output depends mainly on supply and demand relations and price changes, production changes to meet market demand, by the enterprise according to market demand and supply change independent decision, by the market," can not simply to the production capacity equivalent to output, not to confuse the two. "

Meng said, to production capacity is to focus on the elimination of low-end, ineffective supply capacity, increase effective supply, focus on improving capacity utilization, balance the market supply and demand relations, enhance the production and operation efficiency of the enterprise, promote the overall quality and efficiency of the industry operation, optimize the industrial structure and production layout. In this process, to the surplus, backward capacity, to resolutely go, for safety, cleanliness, efficiency, low cost of high-quality production capacity, to increase orderly.

Go to capacity work will be strictly

In January this year, the steel and coal industry to resolve the excess capacity and development work of the joint Ministerial meeting composed of 12 supervision groups, 30 provinces nationwide (district, city) and Xinjiang Construction and Construction Corps to carry out a special inspection, a total of 228 iron and steel enterprises, coal mine 150. Judging from the situation, the 2016 iron and steel industry to eliminate backward capacity of the special action found in the steel production capacity, has been dismantled or sealed according to requirements, should be closed in accordance with the law and the deadline for the elimination of coal mines, as required to implement the closure.

"Inspection also found the existence of illegal ' steel ' production capacity, should retire the capacity, equipment demolition is not in place and so on." Meng said that the national Development and Reform Commission, in conjunction with the departments concerned, will focus on 3 measures:

--quickly rectify the problem. The problems found will be combined to resolve excess capacity, eliminate backward production capacity, ban "steel" work, discriminate treatment, and classify. To go to capacity work has always maintained a high-pressure situation, for the recent exposure to individual local work problems, the inter-ministerial Joint Meeting on May 2 dispatched 13 inspection teams to 13 provinces (municipalities) for investigation and verification. Once the problem is verified, it will be dealt with seriously.

-resolutely ban "steel". According to the provincial government to ban the "steel" work of the total responsibility of the requirements, all regions should be completely banned by June 30 before the "Steel", and in July before the end of the organization acceptance, form a summary report, reporting to the State Council. Inter-ministerial Joint Meeting will carry out spot checks work, to eliminate the place that is not in place, as a negative typical, to the State Council according to the law according to the serious treatment.

--sound supervision mechanism. To strengthen the supervision of regional production capacity, and urge all parts of the timely release of capacity-related information, sound reporting system, strengthen social supervision.

Targeted for the corporate burden

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission has led the introduction of two documents related to the enterprise fees and charges, namely, the circular on the regulation of service fees of the enterprises concerned, and the notice on carrying out the inspection of the related enterprises ' fees and charges.

"These two documents are the ' combination fist ' of the country to push forward the structural reform of the supply side and optimize the environment of the real economy. Meng said, through cleaning up norms and check the behavior of enterprises, and strive for enterprise "burden", improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

The circular on the cleaning and standardizing of the service charge for the enterprises concerned requires all departments to eliminate the fees and charges for the government's pricing management, comprehensively clean up the fees and charges of the illegal intermediary service, to clear the key areas and link charges, to strengthen the regulation of market regulation and to lighten the burden of enterprises. Meng said that the above 4 measures, there are many "high gold" policy measures.

Meng said, in view of the outstanding problems of the current enterprise-related fees and charges, the notice on carrying out the inspection of enterprise-related fees and charges has clarified 6 key areas of inspection, that is, administrative approval intermediary service charges, trade association chamber fees, import and export link charges, financial institutions fees, e-government platform charges and construction areas. The inspection will be completed before the end of August.

Meng said that the enterprise fees and charges check, mainly in accordance with the problem-oriented, the market subject to reflect the outstanding areas as the focus of inspection. In the specific work, will focus on the following 5 types of outstanding issues: first, there is no statutory basis, the violation of the establishment of charging projects, the second is the use of administrative functions, monopolistic status of designated services, mandatory services and fees, and only charges do not serve the situation; The third is to continue to collect the fees which have already been expressly cancelled, and the circumstances in which the existing or cancelled administrative examination and approval matters are changed into intermediary services and charges are violated.

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