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Sasac: The former April total profit of 444.99 billion yuan increased 18.1%

June 06,2017      views

According to the SASAC news, this year, 102 Central Enterprises resolutely implement the Central Committee of the State Council decision-making deployment and the work of the SASAC, around the deepening of the supply side of structural reform, initiative as a comprehensive strategy, a solid body slimming, quality and efficiency of the special work, has achieved positive results. In the January-April, the central enterprise economy is running steadily, the income benefit is increasing rapidly, the operation quality is improved obviously, the profit enterprise of 102 Enterprises is 98, accounting for 96.1% of the enterprise. The main features are:

One is electric kerosene transportation and other key basic industries stable and stable sales. Central electric kerosene transportation and other basic industries to strengthen production and management, Dotzow and maintain stable growth and production, for the smooth operation of the economy provides a strong support. January-April, the central enterprise sales increased by 7%, the annual output of 7.7%; the output of raw coal increased by 9.4%; the output of oil products increased by 1.2%; The total turnover of aviation enterprises increased 9.3%, and that of water transport enterprises increased by 6.1%.

The second is the continuous double-digit growth in operating income. January-April, the Central Enterprise cumulative revenue of 8 trillion yuan, the year-on-year increase of 1.3 trillion yuan, growth of 18.6%, has maintained a two-digit rapid growth. Petrochemical, metallurgical and mining enterprises benefited from a steady rebound in the overall economic situation, a significant increase in revenue over the year, communications, transportation, modern services maintained a good momentum of development, revenue rose 2.5%, 14%, 17.1%.

Third, the profit structure is continuously optimized. January-April, the central enterprise cumulative total profits of 444.99 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 18.1%, the main business profit accounted for the total profit increase of 7.4%. In January-April, the net profit of the central enterprises ' net profit and the owner of the parent company increased by 23.3% and 23.5% respectively, which exceeded the total profit growth rate.

Four is the structure of the balance of assets to maintain stable. At the end of April 2017, the average asset-liability ratio of central enterprises was 66.5%, down 0.2% from the beginning. Excluding the financial sub-enterprises, the Central enterprise entity economy Average asset-liability rate is 62.8%, the level of corporate assets and liabilities in recent years has remained stable.

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