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Jixi association unified price, why graphite also get rocket?

August 29,2017      views

On August 22, jixi graphite industry association in the flake graphite price adjustment meeting yesterday evening, because of the recent related labor, land cost, processing cost, the increase of the tax, the lack of ore, lead to relatively heavy burden on enterprises, it is reported that the recent jixi some graphite enterprises will be relating to the product price has been adjusted, the association decided to unified adjust jixi flake graphite is - 196, the price is 196 yuan/ton, price 4600 yuan/ton, 195-194 price is 4400 yuan/ton, price 3800 yuan/ton, 193-192 price is 3600 yuan/ton, price 3500 yuan/ton, 191-190 price is 3400 yuan/ton, the other is mesh products also made corresponding adjustments, the above price for factory tax-inclusive price, easy packing, special the other.


The window of the refractory material that, after the first contact with many local companies understand that the price of flake graphite market have a certain gap with published price, don't offer some production enterprise is given priority to with watching, part of the price has been adjusted to the association guided prices even more.


For this price adjustment, the flake graphite enterprises have different voices:

One of the voice is: northeast of flake graphite, although did not appear as magnesite mine's strict controls, but environmental supervision to flake graphite production more nervous, especially since July northeast flake graphite price rise increasingly, emerged a large number of stock buyers, middlemen hoarding phenomenon. At present, the state's importance to mineral resources and the strict control trend, the price of flake graphite will rise.


On the another sound: the association is larger, if the price adjustment according to the association, and old customers and new customers to accept degree is low, and may reduce competition, resulting in the loss of customers.

Source: resistant window

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