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The embargo, the prohibition of the storage, the sale, the ban, the hebei handan urban district completely banned coal!

September 06,2017      views

According to the law on the prevention and control of air pollution in the People's Republic of China, the regulations on the prevention and control of air pollution in hebei province and the party committee of handan, the communist party of China

The opinion of the people's government of handan city on the comprehensive management of atmospheric pollution. The municipal government decided to ban all coal in the city's main urban area (within the city's expressway). The circulars are as follows:

The embargo

To carry out the coal - coal transport pass system for the main urban areas of the city. Coal enterprises to apply the city traffic police detachment, city traffic police detachment combined with the municipal development and reform, the ministry of industry and information department, be processed coal pass vehicles into the city, in addition to hold the pass and transit vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed in the city within the scope of the main transport coal, offenders by the traffic police department in accordance with the relevant provisions of punishment.

No storage.

 In addition to coal units, no unit or individual is allowed to store and stockpile coal in the city's main urban areas. The existing coal burning points are cleaned by the government of the county (district).

3. Prohibition. All the scattered coal distribution places in the main urban areas of the city shall be banned, and no unit or individual shall be allowed to sell and sell coal.

Fire control.

 All the scattered coal users (various authorities, enterprises and institutions, stores, mobile booth, etc.) in the main urban area of the city and the daily cooking and heating of residents are forbidden to use coal. All units and residents that are not covered by heat supply shall be replaced by electricity, natural gas and clean energy. City downtown area within the reserve of coal enterprise and bear the central heating of coal-fired boiler, shall have the priority to purchase the use of high calorific value and low sulfur clean coal, on the depth of coal, implementation of the environmental protection facilities management transformation, to fulfill the requirements of relevant emission standards, and acceptance by the environmental protection department qualified rear can use of coal.

Strengthening supervision.

The municipal government has set up a report telephone number of 12315 and 12369 in the municipal industrial and commercial bureau and the municipal environmental protection bureau. We welcome the public to report the illegal operation and sales, purchase, stockpiling, use and transportation of coal.

Strict enforcement.

Municipal government will ban coal work important content included in the annual appraisal for the control of air pollution, the city public security, transportation, environmental protection, urban management law enforcement, industry and commerce, quality supervision departments should establish and improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, according to the division of work of the joint law enforcement team, for all kinds of coal transportation vehicles entering the city downtown area within the strict investigation, in violation of provisions within the city the main storage, sales of coal shall be given a heavier punishment according to law, to impede law enforcement personnel in performing their duties according to law, in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishment law and other relevant provisions shall be penalized in accordance with the law, if the case constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

This circular shall come into force as of the date of promulgation and shall be valid for two years.

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