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The high grade magnesium sand inventory is running out of solutions

September 06,2017      views

The enterprises that buy 97 electric melting magnesia and 97 high pure magnesia gradually increase, already have the magnesia refractory material enterprise inventory insufficient to maintain a month time, high-grade magnesia grain inventory is urgent!!! High grade magnesia is the result of shortage of high grade magnesia.

High grade magnesium stone already with the continuous exploitation of resources and reduce, plus past time not explosive, does not allow machinery operation, the high grade magnesium stone supply shortages, cause 97 high purity magnesia and fused magnesia products such as the grade of the lower, 96.1 grade magnetite was as 97 magnesia to sell. Despite the lower grade, the price of supply is soaring.

Learned, sinotrans haicheng county has banned magnesium stone, immediately and deep processing to implement the high quality magnetite in haicheng, extends the industrial chain, the higher value of resources, and foreign magnesia quantity is little, the turnover cycle is long, desperate for a high quality magnetite resources of enterprise to need, inventory in the basic solution.

When the mining of the magnetite mines in haicheng, it depends on when the liaoning ling magnesia mining co., ltd. will begin to operate officially. Therefore, the supply of magnesium stone will be long and the magnetite will continue to be in urgent need.

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