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Promoting the great cause of "the way of the area" and the new journey

June 06,2017      views

To build the road of peace, the road of prosperity, the road of openness, the road of innovation, the road of civilization--This is China's initiative, China's commitment, will become the consensus of the international community and "along the way" the important guidelines for practical cooperation, but also will promote China's reform and opening-up to continue.

Reform and opening up to today, the situation and the task has taken place a new change. The world economy is at the critical juncture of the deep adjustment, the global industry is in the key stage of restructuring, the Chinese economy is also in the important pass of the transformation and upgrading, to create an open international cooperation platform, to promote the world economy into an open, inclusive, general, balanced and win-won globalization of new space, the realization of economic integration, the development of large linkage, the outcome of large-share, China's deepening the reform and opening up the new task, but also in line with the global trend

The "along the Way" initiative has won the positive response, support and participation of more than more than 100 countries and international organizations, a series of cooperation agreements and cooperation results, so that the world realizes that China is in the realization of its own reform and development, but also to promote the continued growth of the world economy to provide kinetic energy.

Standing in the new starting point of pragmatic cooperation, we need to continuously upgrade the level of reform and opening-up. The "All Along" initiative has put forward new requirements for China to deepen reform and expand opening-up. We should thoroughly implement the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, constantly adapt, grasp, lead the new normal economic development, actively promote the supply side of structural reform, achieve sustainable development, for the "All the way" to inject a strong impetus for the development of the world to bring new opportunities.

The "All Along" initiative provides a new stage for China's reform and opening-up and economic construction. We should not only base on domestic, make full use of China's resources, market advantages, but also attach importance to domestic and international economic linkage, and actively adapt to the external environment changes, better use of two markets, two resources, to promote mutual benefit and achieve common development.

The "All Along" initiative will certainly promote China's all-round opening-up. China is deepening the reform of various systems in line with the international standards, in order to promote the "two-way" "multi-directional" flow of talent, products, services, technology and capital, forcing us to "adapt" this change. The "All Along" initiative aims to promote the free flow of economic elements, efficient allocation of resources and deep integration of markets. China's all-round reform will bring strong positive energy to the development of the world economy.

Reform and Opening-up has created the achievements of world-renowned, and the new journey of reform and opening up, China will work with countries to better join hands and paint a beautiful picture of common development.

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