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China made 2025 progress in the development of five major projects to promote th

June 12,2017      views

The manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of the country, the power of rejuvenating and the powerful. "Made in China 2025" is in the new international and domestic environment, China is based on the trend of international industrial change, made a comprehensive upgrade of China's manufacturing industry development quality and level of major strategic deployment. February this year, in order to refine the implementation of the "China Manufacturing 2025", to break through the bottleneck of manufacturing development and short board, to seize the commanding heights of the future, the National Construction leadership team launched the "+" planning system.

"1" refers to "Made in China 2025", "X" refers to 11 supporting implementation guidelines, action guidelines and Development planning guidelines, including the National Manufacturing Innovation Center construction, industrial strong base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation, such as the implementation of 5 major projects Guide, the development of service-oriented manufacturing and equipment manufacturing quality brand 2 of Special Action Guide, as well as new materials, information industry, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing personnel 4 development planning guidelines.

Ministry of Industry and Industry officials said that the purpose of compiling the "+" planning system is to strengthen the government guidance, cohesion of the industrial consensus, the pooling of social resources, focusing on the key points, cracking difficulties, to break through the bottleneck of manufacturing development of short board, seize the future competitive commanding heights. 11 x by the national Manufacturing Power Construction Leading group of relevant member units of joint research and Development, has been issued to implement.

Although "Made in China 2025" has achieved remarkable results, it faces some difficulties and problems, Ministry of Information Planning Department of the relevant director said that the world economy is in the transfer of kinetic energy, traditional growth engine of the economic pull weakened, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and other new technologies, although emerging, but the new economic growth point has not yet been formed, the growth downturn is still continuing. The trend of "counter-globalization" and the tendency of protectionism have increased, and the uncertainty factor is obviously increasing.

At the same time, scientific and effective play market role to be strengthened. Facing the economic downward pressure situation, some areas, some industries to promote investment, steady growth, there is ' herd ' impulse. The investment of manufacturing industry, especially the decline of private investment and the excessive pressure of production and operation of some manufacturing enterprises, should be paid enough attention, and the policy measures should be guided in time. "Ministry of Planning Department of the relevant Director pointed out.

As for the next step, the above-mentioned Director said that it will proceed from six aspects to implement the "China made 2025". One is to increase the "five major projects" and other implementation efforts, the second is to expand the pilot demonstration City (group) coverage; third, accelerate the construction of major landmark projects; Five is to optimize the development of manufacturing environment, implement more accurate industrial policy, promote industrial policy to the general and functional changes, strengthen industrial policy and fiscal and taxation, finance, trade and other policies of linkage, increase the support of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the implementation of the tax concessions and other policy measures, Support Small Micro enterprise Financing mode innovation, effectively reduce the cost of enterprises; Six is to promote international exchanges and cooperation, expand international intelligence manufacturing cooperation, deepen and "along the way" the National Industrial investment Cooperation, promote the implementation of international capacity cooperation major projects, achieve win-won cooperation.

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