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Imerys has become more connected and collaborative by moving to Greenelle, its new headquarters

January 12,2018      views

Editor: Adam Zhang

Imerys has been on the move, gathering all its teams in a high-tech eco-friendly building not far from the centre of Paris. A new step toward a more collaborative and flexible work environment.

In November 2017, around 400 employees moved to the new Greenelle headquarters building, a 12-storey office complex in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, designed to encourage collaborative working.

Located near the Seine river, south west of the Eiffel Tower, the premises are equipped with the latest digital technology and are fully wireless, so staff can continue their work away from their desks.

Growth in staff numbers meant the previous central HQ building, where about 300 employees worked, had become too small. Teams were previously spread across four locations in the French capital, which hampered collaboration.

In contrast to the individual offices that predominated in the former headquarters, Imerys' new home is made up of shared spaces, facilitating team working. Features include a gym, an auditorium, a conference center along with many meeting rooms on all floors.

The Greenelle name reflects the location in the Beaugrenelle neighbourhood, while also referencing the building's sustainable credentials, which have resulted in multiple eco-friendly certifications.

Built in the 1970s and previously a publishing company's headquarters, the office tower was recently refurbished according to Imerys' specifications. The company occupies nearly two-thirds of the building, with the rest used by administration staff from a university.

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