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Magnesia industry moves towards green future

April 24,2018      views

Editor: Lena

The development of China's magnesia industry has been at a relatively mature stage. The production has reached over 70% of global production and it has become the world's major supplier. Although the magnesia industry has undergone decades of development, product types, scale and industrial concentration have increased significantly, however, environmental governance issues in the production process have not been completely resolved and have restricted the development of the industry.

It is well known that the treatment cost of polluting waste is very high, so many enterprises are deterred by the tens of millions of waste water disposal device. With the prevalence of “environmental protection” concepts, a large number of small businesses have closed down. Faced with the test of costs, looking at the future trend of the entire industry, only companies with capital strength can lead China's chemical manufacturing industry to a greener future. We also look forward to seeing more and more Chinese companies in the ranks of international magnesia and contribute their wisdom and strength to the global green development of magnesia.

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