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Brief Analysis of Magnesia Market in China in the First Quarter of 2018

May 07,2018      views

Editor: Lena

With the ban on magnesite from the Chinese government, China's magnesia market continued to fluctuate in January, 2018. The factories’ inventories bottomed out and prices rose. In January, 90% MgO burned magnesia was quoted at 1800 yuan per ton, the market price of 90% MgO light burned magnesia was around 1,500 yuan/ton, 96% fused magnesia was 5800-6000 yuan per ton. 97% MgO fused magnesia was quoted at 7300-7500 yuan per ton. 98% fused magnesia was 8800-9000 yuan per ton, all of these are ex-factory tax prices.

February 2018 came the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, so most manufacturers took a break. Because of the long time, the market operating rate was low and the transaction volume was not very much. In February, 96% fused magnesia was quoted at 5800-6000 yuan/ton, 97% fused magnesia was quoted at 7300-7500 yuan/ton, 98% fused magnesia was quoted at 8800-9000 yuan/ton, large block of 90% burned magnesia was around 1800 yuan/ton, 90% light burned magnesia was offered at 1,500 yuan/ton. The overall price of the magnesia market remains stable.

In march 2018, the market price of magnesia in China was in chaos, the manufacturers’ quotations were up and down. As the market demand and supply didn’t change much, the transaction was flat, the magnesia price stabilized at the end of the month. In March, the average price of 90% burned magnesia was about RMB 1,721/ton, the price of 90% light-burned magnesia was RMB 1,128/ton, the average price of 96% fused magnesia was RMB 5,800-6000/ton and the price of 97% fused magnesium was 7118-7318 yuan/ton, the average price of 98% fused magnesia was 8595-8795 yuan/ton.

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