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16th National Refractory Youth Academic Report Conference Held Successfully

May 20,2018      views

Editor: Lena

The 16th National Refractory Youth Academic Report was successfully held in Lihua International Hotel, Dashiqiao, Liaoning Province from May 9th to 11th, 2018. The conference was attended by more than 350 people from relevant universities, institutions, organizations and media, materials, products and equipment manufacturers and trading companies.

The conference was hosted by China Metal Society Refractory Materials Branch,Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories Research Institute,Refractory Magazine,National Key Laboratory of Advanced Refractories,The people's government of Dashiqiao City, Yingkou Qinghua Group, Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Yingkou Jinlong Group, Liaoning Zhongmei holding Co., Ltd, Liaoning Non-metal Mining Industry Association and so on.

The following special reports were made at this session.

Development status and prospect of refractory technology

Manufacture and Operation of Refractory Industry in 2017 and Prediction of Refractory Market in 2018

On industrial revolution 4.0 and future

Industry • Youth • Future

Relationship between the composition, structure and properties of magnesia materials

Optimization of magnesia carbon brick

China's refractory industry development

Combining the current situation, the experts analyzed the development prospect of refractory materials and pointed out the development direction. After that, eight young experts also made reports and discussed their current researches from the perspectives of young people.

This conference is held every two years. In addition, there were 14 special experts' reports and eight young experts' reports on the 10th annual meeting, 30 excellent papers on the 11th.These speeches will be selected for the first,second and third prizes.

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