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Fused magnesia market remains stable in early May while high grade still in short supply

June 06,2018      views

Editor: Lena

Compared with the previous crazy increasing prices, in early May, the domestic magnesia prices stabilized. At present, the price of 96 fused magnesia is 6000-6200 yuan/ton, the average price is 6100 yuan/ton. 97 fused magnesia is quoted at 7100-7300 yuan/ton, the average price is 7200 yuan/ton. It is worth noting that 98 fused magnesia is still in a serious shortage.

At present, the market of fused magnesia is relatively stable, but the activity is quite high. The merchants say that the sale of fused magnesia is very fast and they don`t afraid of no market.

In April, all the magnesite mines were shut down. Although the government has issued a series of policies, the problem of mining has not been solved effectively. Therefore, the quality of magnesia in the market is not very high, the market competitiveness is limited. High-grade magnesia has always been a tight supply in the market, and of course the price will be relatively expensive.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the domestic fused magnesia market will continue to maintain the trend of little rise in the stability.

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