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Mineral resources integration of magnesite in Haicheng, Liaoning Province to start again!

June 22,2018      views

Editor: Lena

Current situation of magnesite industry and mining enterprises

Currently, the city has ascertained reserves of 2.64 billion tons of magnesite and 42 enterprises that hold the Mining License of magnesite resources. At present, 28 enterprises have the integration conditions.

Management modes

A) Further clarify the responsibilities of the Chairman's work.

During the period of company formation and initial operation, the Chairman is concurrently the general manager.

B) The implementation of dynamic monitoring.

The head office employs more than 2 qualified dynamic monitoring institutions. Depending on the actual needs, these institutions will periodically monitor the mining enterprises in a dynamic manner.

C) The implementation of measurement management.

Measuring stations shall be set up in mining enterprises, which shall be supervised by the head office.

D) Supervising the enterprises by industry.

The head office will draw the corresponding personnel from different mining enterprises to form a mining team implementing mutual supervision.

E) Compressing and controlling downstream processing capacity.

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