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Current Utilization Situation of Graphite Resources in China

June 30,2018      views


According to the information of the Non-Metal Mining Association, China's annual average graphite consumption is about 1 million tons (including artificial graphite), and the industry's annual production value is about 10 to 20 billion yuan.Among them, the consumption of crystalline graphite is about 500,000 to 750,000 tons, mainly used in the steel and foundry industry, refractory materials, etc.From the consumption structure of graphite, we can see that China's graphite consumption is mainly concentrated in traditional industries, and it accounts for relatively less in emerging industries.

In the traditional field: the steel industry which has the largest proportion of graphite consumption may be affected by the future for capacity reduction and may reduce the consumption of graphite in this industry.

Emerging industries: the market for graphite negative electrode battery materials has grown rapidly. Graphene is used in a very small amount in the graphite market and has little effect on the overall consumption of graphite.

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