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Brief Analysis of Domestic Common Fused Magnesia Market in June

July 06,2018      views

Editor: Lena

Last month, 11 people were killed and 9 others injured in an explosion at the construction site of an iron mine of Benxi Longxin Mining Co.,Ltd.on June 5.

It is understood that after the accident, the government issued a notice to close the province's mines, which is not a small blow for the magnesia enterprises. Nowadays, except Jinding, Qinghua and some enterprises with magnesium mine inventory, most enterprises, especially small enterprises, have stopped production.

At the same time, the local companies have great environmental pressures. The factory requires the construction of warehouses and dust removal equipment, which also caused some manufacturers to stop production. A variety of factors have caused a reduction in local sources of supply, and some manufacturers want to raise the ex-factory prices.

However, some enterprises rationally indicate that the price of magnesia is at a high level, which is comparable with the international price of magnesia.If it rises again, domestic magnesia will lose the price advantage of export.In addition, it is difficult for downstream customers to accept the price increase.

On the whole, the domestic fused magnesia market will be stable. At present, 96 fused magnesia is quoted at 5800-6100 yuan/ton, 97 fused magnesia is quoted at 6700 yuan/ton, 98 fused magnesia is quoted at 7200-7500 yuan/ton.

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